How to Survive Your First Visit to a Casino

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30 May

Whether you just turned 21 or recently celebrated your 60th shin dig, your first trip to a casino is sure to be an exhilarating experience. The bells and whistles of the slot machines mix with the excited shouts of high rollers at the tables. The sparkling lights flicker off of the sequins on the dress of every cocktail waitress, and the alcoholic beverages taste stronger as the night goes on.

Your first casino visit can be overwhelming, now if you allow yourself be swept along whirlwind of sheer euphoria,  there might be a big cliff waiting for you at the end. Here are a some tips and tricks that will aid  you in surviving the adult wonderland that is the casino.

Have a Budget and Stick to It!

Gambling in the United States is a $40 billion dollar a year industry. Money can and will be spent rapidly in a casino, and your first visit won’t leave you with memories of fun if you spend your budget before the night has even started.

Plan ahead before you go decide how much you think is an except-able amount to spend and withdraw the cash. Put the cash in your pocket and leave your credit and debit cards at home. There is an extreme amount of temptation in a casino, and don’t feel bad if you can’t refuse it, many of good people have tried and failed and many have succeeded by using tips like these. You should try to not spend more than a weeks wages in one trip.

Expect to Lose

You must remember that a casino is above all is a business first. Its sheer existence evolves around turning  a profit. And it makes a profit by offering you the opportunity to compete with them for money on games which give the casino an advantage. Here’s a simpler explanation: the casino can only make a profit when you lose.

This isn’t meant to rain on your parade or discourage you. It is very possible that you could win a sizable amount of money on your first try. The advice here is to kurb your enthusiasm and focus more on the experience than making yourself rich in one night. If you go purely to have a good time, you can fulfill that expectation and a win will be a nice bonus.

Strategically pick the games you play to increase your chances of winning. Games like Let it Ride  can be more fun, but the odds are far worse than those of video poker.

Pay Attention To The Time

When you take your first steps into the casino the you will notice that time does not exists with the premises, unless its a new years eve. In all honesty, why would the casino want you watching the clock? if you limit your time in the room you limit yourself to how much you will spend, after all to these guys 'time is money'. Every minuet that you let tick away while  you are on the premises provides the casino endless opportunities to relieve you of your money.

Keep an eye on the time or you will be welcome all night, and with alcohol and food available at most if not all venues you will be looking at the sunrise in the morning as you leave, if you do not pay attention to the time! 

Remember Its Only A Bit Of Fun, Enjoy Yourself!

Casinos don’t really discriminate as long as you are not making a fool of yourself and doing something stupid to ruin everyone else's experience. Anyone is welcome to come in and spend their money. But, the casino does reserves the right to remove anyone that becomes unwelcome. A casino is a 24 hour private club, and the casino will remove you if you don’t behave.

Emotions can run high when people are gambling, socializing and drinking. enjoy yourself but keep control of yours. If you suddenly can’t handle losing three hands of blackjack in a row, maybe it’s time to call it a night and leave with good memories based on the experience not the financial gain or loss.

 Mardi Gras Casino said it best, “Soak in the entire experience rather than focusing solely on gambling.” 

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